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Health gels, energy drinks, and more products for a nutritional supplement to your life.

Why Health Gels from Berry,En?

Why do we need good nutrition?

  • The world is overfed and undernourished
  • Chronic diseases are on the rise resulting from lifestyle and lack of proper nutrition
  • Soils are depleted of the nutrients we need for a healthy body and immune system

Why gels?

  • It’s a superior delivery mechanism for nutrients to get into the body
  • Through the gel matrix the nutrients are prepared to be absorbed up to 95%
  • Pills and capsules can be absorbed as low as 15%

Why Berry,En Health Gels?

  • Products are notified in every country in which we market the products
  • Products are in compliance with the EO Health Claim Regulations and the FDA
  • Berry.En products are manufactured in compliance with the highest quality standards like HACCP and GMP
  • The products are manufactured in Berry,En’s own state of the art production facilities in Germany – WE OWN THE FACTORY
  • The world’s premier manufacturer of gel packs without preservatives using the highest quality ingredients
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